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Celery is One of the Best Foods for Your Teeth
Posted on 11/30/2019 by Office
Celery is very beneficial when it comes to oral health, and some even call it nature's toothbrush. It usually cleans in between the teeth and increases saliva amount in your mouth. It can also clean food debris that remains after eating and also bacteria found in the mouth. Here are a few ways this plant is excellent for your oral health: Strengthening the Teeth Celery can be used to enhance the teeth because it contains some essential vitamins. Celery helps the mucous membrane because it has vitamin A and can also protect the tooth from loosening because of the vitamin C. The good thing about the vitamin C is that it does not have to be converted by the liver. Helps Fight Gum Disease Celery juice can also be helpful in the fight against gum disease and stopping the buildup of unhealthy fats that usually accumulation, especially in the tract of the intestines. It is also good to eat celery because it will help to stop bad breath. When you bite into celery, you will feel how clean and fresh it is. It also contains a lot of fiber and fiber is known to protect against tooth loss. The tissue in celery is also known to reduce the reabsorption of bones in the gums and jaws. Eating celery is a way of increasing fiber intake. Fighting Inflammation Celery has also been known to help with digestion and fight inflammation. Due to its versatility, you can add it to salads, or make juice using it. It also contains sodium cluster salts that have healing properties and even kill bacteria and viruses in the mouth. Remember, these are the viruses that cause cavities and gum diseases. Dentists also advise people to use celery juice for oral therapy. It issues such as ulcers of the mouth, gum disease, mouth sores, and the cracks that are present in the corners of the mouth....

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