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A Brief Guide On TMJ Disorders And The Role Of Oral Surgeons

Posted on 1/23/2023 by Office
A Brief Guide On TMJ Disorders And The Role Of Oral SurgeonsTMJ disorders refer to conditions affecting the temporomandibular joint. This joint helps in opening and closing the mouth. Oral surgeons can diagnose and provide corrective measures for TMJ disorders. If you suspect you have TMJ disorder, you should go for a dental review and early treatment to keep complications at bay and ensure comfort.

Symptoms Associated with TMJ Disorders

A present may present with an array of symptoms, which include teeth-clenching, frequent headaches, sore or stiff jaw, teeth sensitivity, and pain when chewing food and opening the jaw. It is also possible to have jaw tightness or a snapping sound. Presentation with any three of the mentioned symptoms suggests the development of TMJ disorder. History of arthritis may increase the likelihood of developing TMJ disorders.

Treatment and Effective Self-Care Strategies for TMJ Disorders

Treatment of TMJ disorders is depended on their cause as well as the extent of the issue. The treatment focus is on relieving pain and a dentist may prescribe pain and anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants, and tricyclic antidepressants.

Self-care strategies that have been proven effective for TMJ disorders include resting the jaw, managing stress, and doing jaw exercises. The patient is recommended to use a mouthguard at night if they grind their teeth.

Surgery Procedures

Many patients with TMJ disorder can alleviate their symptoms with conservative treatments. However, surgical treatments may be the only effective way of overcoming the temporomandibular joint disorder.

An oral surgeon can conduct arthrocentesis of TMJ, a less invasive surgery involving the use of a sterile solution injected into the joint to flush out excess inflammatory chemicals and scar tissues. Besides, the oral surgeon can perform arthroscopic joint surgery. The dentist uses a minute surgical fiber-optic camera to see issues with the joint tissue. Thereafter, the dentist removes loose or inflamed tissue and realigns the cushioning disc in the joint.

Another surgery is the TMJ arthroplasty, which is more invasive. The open surgical procedure exposes the space of the TMJ joint to create an incision and repair the cushioning disc. The surgeon removes any bone spurs causing jaw pain and dysfunction.

Contact our oral surgeon for TMJ disorder treatment today if conservative ways are not yielding better results.

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