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How Often Should You Expect A Composite Filling to Last?

Posted on 7/7/2020 by Office
How Often Should You Expect A Composite Filling to Last?Most of our patients come in to treat cavities. It is the most common dental issue we come across that can be treated with the help of a dental filling. A cavity occurs when a small gap or pit is formed in the middle of a tooth due to plaque or bacteria. This results in tooth decay that becomes painful. The earlier you treat a cavity, the less likely that you will have dental issues. Therefore, we recommend visiting our dental clinics for regular checkups to ensure healthy teeth.

If you do have a cavity, we have a wide range of tooth fillings you can choose from. Composite fillings happen to be the most popular of them. A composite filling is a simple filling that is made using composite material. It is a mixture of a variety of substances, including fine glass and plastic. It blends naturally with your tooth shape, perfectly treating and covering up your cavity.

How Long Do Composite Fillings Last?

Most of our patients worry about the durability of a composite filling. Contrary to what people believe, composite fillings can last if 10 years when maintained well. We always tell our patients that while we have a variety of fillings to offer, it boils down to how well they maintain oral hygiene.

There are also a few factors that could affect the longevity of a composite filling. One of these factors includes the location of the filling which could end up putting more pressure on the filling. For example, if a composite filling is placed in your molar, it may need to be replaced faster than with any other tooth.

Another factor is the size of the filling. A smaller filling tends to last longer than a bigger filling because there will be less issues with the smaller filling as compared to a bigger one. Also, people that have bruxism have to replace their fillings faster as they grind their teeth and damage the filling in the process.
If you are looking to get good quality composite fillings for your cavities, do visit our clinic and our professionals will assist you in getting your cavities fixed in no time.

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