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Top Foods To Avoid After Getting A Filling

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Office
Top Foods To Avoid After Getting A Filling Filling a cavity helps you avoid sensitivity and tooth decay. However, after the procedure at Reich Dental Center, your mouth will feel strange.

Our dentists will give you aftercare instructions. It will include the foods that you should avoid after getting a refill. Here are some of the foods you should avoid until your sensitivity lowers or until you fully recover.

Avoid Hard and Chewy Foods

Hard and chewy foods can pull out the filling, especially when the filling is still fresh. Hard foods are hard to chew.

Therefore, when biting on hard food, you may fracture the filling in your tooth. Also, if chewy food gets stuck between your teeth, it weakens the filling. Such foods put you at the risk of getting more cavities. Make sure you have healed before you start chewing on hard and chewy foods.

Avoid Hot and Cold Foods

Immediately after getting a filling, your teeth will be sensitive to both hot and cold foods or drinks. It is because you are adapting to the change in your tooth's composition and the refill used. Very hot and cold food and beverages disrupt the bond of the filling and tooth; this is because the filling will expand and contract. Eat warm food and lukewarm drinks for less sensitivity and quick recovery.

Avoid Gum and Sticky Foods

Depending on the material used by our dentists for the filling, it is advisable to stay away from chewing gum or any other kind of sticky food. Filling materials such a silver takes a longer time to harden and chewing gum will make it take a much longer time. Chewing gum can also result in a poor fit, especially for composite fillings. Make sure you wait until you can feel your mouth.

If you are unsure what type of foods you should not take after a filling, contact our offices in Smyrna, Roswell, or Tucker, GA for detailed advice.

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