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Am I a Candidate for Dental implants? Smyrna GA

Diagram of a single dental implant from Reich Dental Center in Smyrna, GAOnce you lose teeth, whether from extraction, disease, injury, or otherwise, it is always a great idea to replace them. Many negative results can happen to your oral health and general health if you don't replace them. Further, your smile may be impacted.

Missing teeth can cause facial sagging. It can also bring about premature aging. Worse still, you may suffer with conditions like cavities more often than those with teeth. Additionally, without your natural teeth, your other teeth may become crooked as they shift toward the empty gap. It is common for people without teeth to experience bone recession.

At Reich Dental Center, we are available to help you replace your lost teeth. One of our dentists will first have to assess your oral condition and see if you are able to receive dental implants. Some people are not candidates for tooth implants.

Am I A Candidate for Dental Implants?

A majority of people can get dental implants. People with sufficient bone density and those who don't smoke or drink heavily can also receive implants. Additionally, you need to have healthy gums if you are to undergo implant surgery.

Our dental implants specialist can help determine your candidacy for dental implant restorations and if there are any issues that need to be resolved first. Our dentist will discuss these with you during your consultation.

Understanding Dental Implants

For a long time, people have had fewer options for replacing teeth. Traditional dentures were the main option along with dental bridges.

However, today, dental implants have become the preferred choice. Most of those older techniques of teeth replacement had their own shortcomings, which are now taken care of by dental implants. Tooth implants are very stable and endure for a lifetime with the right care. They function like your natural teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

People who get dental implants will realize that they offer many benefits. First and foremost, you will have teeth that will serve you for life. Dental implants have a natural look, therefore, they promote your smile aesthetics. They are also very comfortable and you may even forget that you have dental implants.

Further, dental implants allow you to clean your mouth easily. As a result, they promote your dental health. Most importantly, these tooth implants prevent dental issues like bone loss, gum disease, and cavities. The gaps where bacteria, plaque, and leftovers or deposits could hide are filled up.

Factors Affecting Candidacy

Various factors can affect an individual's candidacy for implants. Your general health, oral health, and ability to keep abreast with your oral hygiene can be determining factors in whether a dentist will recommend dental implants for you.

Oral Health Assessment

A successful tooth implantation procedure begins with a comprehensive evaluation. A dentist checks the jaw, mouth, teeth, and overall health. Mouth x-rays and perhaps CT scans may be done. These help the dentist identify any form of bone loss that could hinder implant placement.

The x-rays also check how the sinuses are shaped and the location of the nerve. The information obtained here helps provide an accurate assessment of the surgery.

Medical History Evaluation

Those with existing chronic conditions like heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes, may have to delay their tooth implant placement until these conditions are managed. A thorough medical evaluation can help establish whether your implant is going to heal and bond with the bone.

Bone Density and Jaw Structure

A person should have sufficient bone density that allows the implant post to be secured firmly and remain in position. In the event that there isn't adequate bone mass, the dentist suggests a procedure known as bone grafting.

It works to revamp the bone mass and ensure a strong, stable foundation for mounting the implants. The jaw structure is also looked at including the mandibular nerve location and the sinuses.

Pre-Existing Dental Conditions

People who have oral problems like gum disease or cavities need to have them taken care of prior to receiving implants. Such conditions can heighten the likelihood of your implants failing. Fortunately, these issues can be resolved and you can proceed with your implant surgery.

Age Considerations

Although people of any age can receive implants, it is paramount that the dentist checks your age. Older patients may have difficulties with the healing process after surgery. There may be a delay in the integration of the bone with the implant metal. As such the dentist should allow sufficient time.

Lifestyle and Habits

If you engage in habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption, it is advisable that you stop them first. Smoking and alcohol use are known to impact the healing of bone and gum tissue. If you continue engaging in these habits, you risk having implant failure.

Dental Implant Consultation

Prior to receiving dental implants, it is prudent that you have a consultation with the dentist. During this time, the implant specialist will gather crucial information that aids in determining your candidacy for the procedure. The dentist looks at your past medical history or any conditions you have at the moment that could interfere with the implantation process.

The Dental Implant Procedure

•  A dental implant specialist will start by giving a numbing agent and anesthetic to ensure comfort.
•  The implant post, made of titanium or zirconia, is then fastened into the jaw.
•  Next, you have about three to six months of healing time.
•  The jawbone and the implant will bond together.
•  Thereafter, you will come back in for the mounting of the crown.

It may take up to nine months to have the treatment completed.

Recovery and Aftercare

Once you get your dental implants, make sure that you brush and floss regularly. Interestingly, no special care may be required for dental implants. Also, see that you routinely see the dentist to allow the implants and your mouth to be checked.

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Am I a Candidate for Dental Implant? Smyrna GA
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