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Oral Cancer Screening
Smyrna GA

At Reich Dental Center, we have qualified experts who will perform oral cancer screening and search for any pre-cancerous condition or signs of cancer in your mouth. Our dentists have one goal when performing this screening – to detect mouth cancer early in advance since the chances of cure are higher when the diagnosis is made quickly.

Our dentists usually perform this examination during your regular dental appointments. However, they may also conduct some extra tests to check whether there are any areas in your mouth with abnormal cells.

Some medical organizations argue that healthy people don't need to undergo this procedure – especially if they are not at risk of oral cancer. However, we usually advise our patients to undergo oral cancer screening since prevention is better than cure. You might assume that you are not at risk of oral cancer, but the best way to know that you are safe is by visiting our offices for oral cancer screening.

How Do We Look for Oral Cancer?

Mostly our dentists use standard medical equipment like a tongue depressor, mirror, and light to conduct this test. However, our dentists also use some specialized medical examination technology to conduct a comprehensive oral cancer examination.

Some of this equipment includes Oran CDx, a brush that our dentists use to remove cells from your mouth for additional testing. In addition to this, they also use a VELscope, which assists them in identifying oral tissues that look suspicious – and they are only visible through a blue light. Also, they can use an Orascoptic DK, which also assists them in conducting a visual examination of the tissues in your mouth.

When you visit our offices for oral cancer screening, you can also expect our dentists use a nasopharyngolaryngoscope, which is a special type of endoscope we use at our offices for the procedure. Once our dentist administers anesthetic to a patient, they usually feed the scope into the patient’s nose, and then down to the patient’s throat to examine the pharynx and larynx.

What to Do After Oral Cancer Examination?

First, it is important to understand that oral cancer screening is not a diagnostic procedure but a precautionary procedure. At times, our dentists can recommend additional tests, to have a better understanding of a certain sign that they notice during the test. However, you should note that any signs that need additional tests aren’t necessarily cancer diagnostics.

When you visit our offices for oral cancer screening, you need to understand that the procedure isn’t just a medical examination. It is also an opportunity for you to talk to our dentists about the concerns and fears that you have about oral cancer, and also get some advice about reducing the risks of oral cancer. In case you are nervous about this procedure, write down your concerns before visiting our offices.

This is an examination that will help put your mind at peace. Feel free to contact any of our experts here at Reich Dental Center at 770-435-5450 if you need more information about oral cancer screening.

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Oral Cancer Screening - Smyrna, GA • Reich Dental Center
We have qualified dental experts who can perform oral cancer screening and search for any pre-cancerous condition or signs of cancer in your mouth during your regular exams. Learn more here.
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