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Dental Exam
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Operatory chair at Reich Dental CenterMost of the patients who visit us at Reich Dental Center come for their routine dental exam. We insist that sticking to your annual two visits is crucial in preventing dental problems. For the patient, regular dental checkups and save you from bacterial buildup and the consequent teeth damage, while preserving the appeal of your smile. For us, dentists, keeping track of your oral health helps assess your dental home care methods, clean your teeth and gum to maintain optimal oral health, and address any presenting issues with your teeth and gum.

What Happens During a Dental Exam?

Whether it is your first or a consecutive visit to our clinic, we always commence a dental check by tracing the history of your oral health. A new patient will tell us if they have followed the recommended annual exam and cleanings with other dentists and if they have any dental issues under treatment or requiring care. If you are our routine patient, we will update your file with any new dental issues that may have occurred since your previous visit.

Teeth cleaning makes a core part of a dental examination. If your oral health is good and you don’t have any manifesting issues, we do a standard cleaning to eliminate plaque and tartar and spare you from bacterial buildup. We also do a typical cleaning if you show symptoms of gingivitis and complement it with antibacterial treatment or an antimicrobial mouth wash. If you have complex dental issues such as periodontitis or loose teeth, we do a full mouth debridement or deep cleaning to eliminate calculus from the surface of your teeth and on your gumline. We then proceed with the treatment of the dental issue. We conclude all the types of teeth cleaning with tooth brushing and polishing to prevent bacterial buildup on rough after-clean teeth.

Diagnosing and Addressing Manifesting Dental Issues

While cleaning, we may notice dental issues affecting your teeth such as cavities or receded gum. For those who do full mouth debridement because they have never done professional cleaning or have skipped a number of them, the cleaning is followed by a thorough check. Using an explorer, we examine your teeth for signs of decay, periodontitis, loose teeth, and occlusal issues such as underbites, overbites or misaligned jaws. We do a routine check after a standard cleaning for our regular patients to ensure no serious dental problems are breeding.

Certain teeth issues may be signs of more serious underlying problems. A stain on your enamel may announce damage on your root structures, just like receded or thin gum announces acute periodontitis. In this case, we recommend a digital x-ray to help unearth the underlying issue. Since cancer is becoming more and more common, we include oral cancer screening during your routine checks. We pay attention to any white or red spots or sores and to lumps or bleeding ulcers that do not heal easily. We question you about any feelings of numbness in the mouth or any issues with chewing, swallowing or the general movement of the jaw.

Please do not wait for serious dental issues to manifest before visiting us for a routine dental exam. You may want to make your appointment before the visit by calling us at Reich Dental Center at 770-435-5450.

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At Reich Dental Center, patients need regular dental exams and save you from bacterial buildup and the consequent teeth damage. Learn more here.
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