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Dentistry for Kids
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The team at Reich Dental Center has experts in all areas of dental practice. When you think about the oral health of your infant, child, or adolescent, our pediatric dentist is your go-to person. While dental problems affecting adults may be the same as those affecting children and adolescents, developmental characteristics make oral issues among children and adolescents unique, requiring specialized care.

Training in Dentistry for Kids

Our pediatric dentist has expert training beyond general dental preparation. This means extra years of training in issues specific to children and adolescents. For example, our pediatric teeth doctor is qualified to handle children with special developmental issues such as Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Thanks to the specialized training, our pediatric dentist applies their skills in the management of behavioral disorders among children and is more adept at handling such children than the rest of us on the team.

Children are prone to falls during play, and this may hurt their young teeth and gum tissues. Our pediatric oral expert is the guru in attending to the management of oral trauma and will offer advice and treatment for such cases. Treatment options may include the replacement of knocked out teeth or restorative surgeries for dislocated jaws. Likewise, all oral issues among children that call for surgical interventions are referred to our pediatric dentist who has specialized skills for child dental surgeries. This may include removing a tooth root from the gum when the enamel is destroyed or treating abscesses and cysts in the gum.

When children need dental radiography, our pediatric dentist reassures parents by providing facts regarding the procedure. We inform parents about the conditions that may require dental x-rays for your child. We also inform you that radiation exposure for your child is minimal with the state-of-the-art digital radiography.

Child-specific Dental Practices Among Our Pediatric Experts

When you bring your child to our pediatric specialist, you will notice child-friendly practices. Our expert makes sure that the room has a welcoming environment. This may mean placing some toys and pictures around the room so that the child is not anxious. Our expert also knows that it is important to welcome the child with a smiling face and not with the noise of forceps and curettes. Besides, we only display the essential instruments to avoid scaring the child.

Since children may associate the white coat with scary medical practices such as injections, our pediatric dentist may opt for a colored coat to keep the child at ease. We postpone wearing the facial mask until the actual dental care commences. To help the child stay calm, our pediatric dental expert can create a play environment by renaming the dental instruments in a language familiar to the child and creating communication signals before commencing the dental procedures.

Since parents always accompany their children during the dental visit, our pediatric dental experts know that parents should not be overly consulted during dental procedures. This may give the child the signal that what is coming needs the consent of the parent because it is serious and painful. Our child dentist also knows that a compliment is reassuring when the young patient behaves bravely. You can schedule an appointment any day by calling us at Reich Dental Center at 770-435-5450.

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The team at Reich Dental Center has experts in all areas of dental practice including dentistry for kids. Click here to learn more about dentistry for kids.
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