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Teeth Veneers
Smyrna GA

Restoring the appearance of a damaged smile is a service that we provide at Reich Dental Center. Front-facing teeth are particularly vulnerable to damage caused by impact from contact sports, biting down too hard on rigid items or foods, and more. All this can result in a chipped or broken tooth that makes a person look unattractive. It can also interfere with such actions as biting and speaking. Naturally misshapen, mildly misaligned, abnormally spaced, and discolored teeth can also be treated using veneers.

What Are Veneers and Why Should You Consider Them?

Veneers are thin shell-like pieces of porcelain that are cemented on the surface of front teeth. The natural coloring of porcelain works well to disguise the work done. It is also a stain-resistant material, which is why it is popularly used for purposes of covering up discoloration. Some stains can prove tough to remove, even with professional whitening. Veneers allow such deep stains to be covered up with a shell that does not easily absorb color from such sources as coffee, wine, and smoking of cigarettes.

Damaged teeth can not only be disfiguring but also dangerous. Some chipping and breakage can occur at such sharp angles as to cause teeth to cut into soft tissue. This can prove painful and provide a risky entryway for bacteria into the bloodstream. Infections can occur and cause other physical symptoms and discomfort.

Injured enamel can also cause teeth to become more sensitive. A veneer cover can help reduce exposure and sensitivity to cold and heat in the long term. Teeth that are filed down to accommodate veneers may still experience sensitivity, but this is usually temporary.

Keep in mind that this procedure is an irreversible one. Because the natural enamel is filed down and cannot grow back, any later damage to the veneers will mean having to get a replacement. For those that suffer from bruxism and still want veneers, the use of night guards may be prescribed to protect it from damage.

The Veneer Procedure

Depending on the type of damage that your tooth has suffered, our dentist will discuss your options with you. This is important given the permanent nature of this procedure. Once the decision is taken, we will begin with a tooth cleaning. Because veneers are a permanently fixed cover, they must be adhered onto a bacteria-free surface otherwise decay may continue beneath.

If the natural tooth is too big, we will file it down at the front and sides to create adequate space for the shell to take up room. After this, an impression of the tooth is taken, and a color shade selected to match the rest of the tooth. This will be sent to our lab so that the veneer can be made to correctly fit.

The lab may take several days to create the permanent veneer so a temporary one will be fitted to protect the tooth. At your next appointment, our dentist will check to ensure the veneer fits and matches well. After adjustments, if needed, the tooth is cleaned, and the veneer will be bonded to the tooth with resin cement.

Restoring a perfect smile is possible with veneers. To find out more about this and other restorative treatments that we offer, do get in touch. Call us at Reich Dental Center at 770-435-5450 now.

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Restoring the appearance of a damaged smile is a service that we at Reich Dental Center. We offer our patients veneers to restore their smile. Learn more.
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