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Cleaning your tongue

Posted on 8/22/2022 by Office
Cleaning your tongueFood debris can get stuck in the small bums on your tongue. These bumps are called papillae. Failure to clean out the food particles will result in bacteria build-up and eventually bad breath that persists despite regular brushing and flossing. These bacteria in your tongue may also get transferred to your teeth and gums, leading to tooth decay and gum disease.

How to properly clean your tongue

We recommend using a toothbrush or a tongue scraper to clean your tongue properly. Ensure you brush your tongue as you brush your teeth and gums to get rid of food debris that may be stuck in your papillae. A person should do this tongue brushing while the toothbrush still contains toothpaste for effective results.
You may also run a tongue scraper from the back of your tongue up to the tip. Repeat this severally, rinsing off the tongue scraper after each use until your tongue is completely clean.

The gag reflex

Placing a toothbrush or tongue scraper at the back of your tongue may trigger the gag reflex. This is a major challenge when it comes to tongue cleaning. To overcome this setback, we recommend that you start by placing the toothbrush or tongue scraper in the middle of your tongue. Keep cleaning your tongue from the middle until you're comfortable, then take the toothbrush further and further back until you can lean your entire tongue without having the gag reflex.

Tongue discoloration

Failure to properly clean the tongue results in odious breath and tongue discoloration. The discoloration usually leads to whitish tongues.

Adding tongue cleaning to your routine will prevent bad breath and improve your general dental health. Please drop by our offices for more information concerning how to reap the full benefits of tongue cleaning. Our experienced dentists are well versed with top-notch tips to ensure healthy dental conditions.

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