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Retainers: Types and care

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Office
Retainers: Types and careRetainers are dental devices that hold your teeth in place after orthodontic treatments. After a brace removal procedure is done, your dentist will recommend a retainer to keep your bite in place. Although many patients consider retainers irritating, they serve as preventive measures to reshape and correct your teeth and eliminate the chance of having to undergo braces procedures all over again.

Types of Retainers

To maintain the designed shape and the correct positions of your teeth after removing braces, the dentist may recommend one of the following types of retainers.

Bonded Retainer

These retainers are designed to be worn after orthodontic treatment to maintain your teeth in a specified position. As a follow-up to the braces removal procedure, the dentist may recommend a bonded retainer to ensure healthy and positioned teeth.

Hawley Retainer

Hawley retainers are designed to allow cleaning and food intake as they are removable. Although many people may opt for this kind of removable retainer, dentists advise against the failure or skipping wearing them, which may affect the position of your teeth.

Clear Plastic Retainer

These are the most used kind of retainers due to their invisibility properties. Like the Hawley retainers, clear plastic retainers are molded to fit your teeth 'new position, preventing them from moving out of position. Isn't that what you need? They are also removable and hence can be cleaned once in a while for healthy teeth.

Retainer Care

For proper retainer maintenance, regular visits to the dentist go a long way in close monitoring and examination of their conditions. Furthermore, the dentist will examine your teeth condition, including the risks of getting infected by cavities, and for straightening procedures.
Additionally, visiting the dentist ensures you get advice and necessary dental care for your removable retainers to ensure they are free from tartar and plaque buildup.

Visit our offices today for additional information on types and how to care for your fitted retainers.

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