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How Thumb Sucking And Pacifiers Affect Dental Health

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Office
How Thumb Sucking And Pacifiers Affect Dental HealthPacifiers and thumb sucking are ways in which babies tend to self-soothe. They are common among most babies. Many people have different opinions about their use and when they should be introduced or stopped. Pacifiers help parents keep children cool when they are not hungry or want to sleep. Thumb sucking and pacifiers have various effects on the oral health of children.

Thumb Sucking and Pacifiers

Thumb sucking is a trait in small babies that helps them keep calm. Babies tend to use their mouths to try new things when born. It is perfectly normal for kids to suck their thumbs. Pacifiers are another artificial way for kids to keep calm. Pacifiers help reduce the chances of getting Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. They are usually used when the kid is sleeping or not hungry to eat. A lot of opinions are given on when to stop the use of pacifiers and their effects on oral health.

Effect on Baby Oral Health

The use of Pacifiers and thumb sucking may be expected, but it has some effects if not dealt with earlier. The use of pacifiers or thumb sucking is discouraged for babies above 18 months. The effects may include the narrowing of the palatial. This happens when the mouth is smaller than its intended size due to the forces of sucking. There is improper growth of teeth, and the teeth grow in an unaligned manner. Malocclusion, including bite problems, may occur. The tongue may grow in a modified way and lead to improper breathing. There can also be poor speech development.

How to stop thumb sucking and use of pacifiers.

Encouraging and rewarding the baby is a way of making them stop. Trying to understand when they do this to relax their minds. The use of music that is comforting when they sleep is another way. Visit us now, and we will offer professional oral care.

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