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Are grills safe

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Office
Are grills safeGrills are a decoration that are usually made of some kind of metal like gold or silver and snap over one or all of the teeth. Celebrities are seen wearing grills to express themselves in a certain way. This influences their fans to want them too. The grills are usually made of gold or silver. Some grills are worn temporarily while others are permanently attached to their teeth using glue or altered to fit their crown teeth. This practice is very dangerous and can pose very serious problems for your teeth. There are so many reasons why dentists are against grills due to the adverse effects they can have on your teeth.

Injuries to the teeth and gums

Poorly fitted grills cause injury to teeth and gums. They make it difficult for you to close your mouth and even speak properly. This is also due to the fact that these grills are not fitted by a dentist but rather a jeweler who is inexperienced in dentistry.

Promotes plaque buildup and tooth decay

Due to food particles being stuck between the teeth and the grills the bacterial plaque feeds on the stuck food particles producing acids that cause tooth decay. Failure to clean your grills well will cause tooth discoloration and bad breath.

Causes irritation

Faux grills are made from inexpensive metals such as nickel which may cause irritation to the surrounding oral tissues. Nickel is added to silver in order to make it affordable. The real grills made from gold or silver do not cause such irritation.

Pain and discomfort

Wearing your grills for a long time will result in you having severe headaches. Having your mouth propped open in an uncomfortable position causes discomfort too.

If you are interested in having grills on your teeth, come visit us, and we will be happy to have you. Our specialists will do an assessment to ensure your oral health is not at risk.

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