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What happens If You Grind Your Teeth While Sleeping?

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Office
What happens If You Grind Your Teeth While Sleeping?People who grind their teeth while sleeping are at risk of experiencing sleep disorders, sleep apnea, and snoring. This condition is also called bruxism.

Mild teeth grinding may not require treatment; however, visit Reich Dental Center for a check-up if it becomes frequent. It may be a result of sleep-related activities. Some of the reasons that may cause you to grind your teeth include stress or a sleeping disorder.


Headache is a common effect of teeth grinding, especially at night. If you wake up and find yourself experiencing migraines or sinus pain, it could be a result of excessive clenching of your teeth while you sleep. People who grind their teeth are three times more susceptible to morning headaches than those who do not suffer bruxism. These headaches can last for 30 minutes or several hours. Make sure you relax or take a lot of water to relieve the headache.

If the headaches are severe and you have been grinding your teeth at night, please contact our offices in Smyrna, Roswell, or Tucker, GA for diagnosis and professional dental advice.

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If you come to our clinic for a check-up, our dentists can tell whether you have been grinding your teeth or not. People who have suffered bruxism for a long time, have flat teeth with a square appearance.

The longer you take without treating this condition, the more damage you do to your teeth. Grinding your teeth wears them out and ages them prematurely. The soft tissues get exposed, which allows harmful bacteria into your teeth, leading to cavities. This condition also causes teeth sensitivity since it wears out the enamel layer, allowing cold and hot temperatures to penetrate the roots of your teeth. This causes discomfort when you take hot or cold foods, and sometimes it can be painful.

For more information on teeth grinding and the possible remedies, contact Reich Dental Center today at 770-435-5450.

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