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Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Throbbing Tooth Pain

Posted on 3/8/2021 by Office
Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Throbbing Tooth PainHumans can exquisitely distinguish between a splinter in the thumb and a paper cut on the pinky. However, recognizing pain in the mouth is much more difficult. Moreover, our brain doesn't discriminate when it comes to a toothache. The pain becomes worse because you can't diagnose it with your symptoms alone.

At Reich Dental Center, Dr. Robin Reich, DDS and Dr. Kristin Cooney, DMDcan help you find the cause of your throbbing tooth pain and treat it accordingly.

What is Throbbing Tooth Pain?

Throbbing tooth pain is an indication of tooth damage, possibly due to an infection, tooth decay, or a cavity. Inside your teeth is a soft pink pulp that contains tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. A cavity or crack in the tooth permits air and bacteria, which irritates the pulp nerves, leading to tooth pain.

Symptoms of Throbbing Tooth Pain

Both adults and children can experience throbbing tooth pain. Seeing a dentist can immediately prevent the pain from developing into something worse. The main symptoms of throbbing tooth pain are pus or white fluid, constant dull ache, tingly teeth, bleeding gums, sharp pain when you bite, and swelling.
If you or your loved one are experiencing any of these symptoms, we suggest you visit Dr. Robin Reich, DDS and Dr. Kristin Cooney, DMD at Reich Dental Center.

Causes and Treatment of Throbbing Tooth Pain

Tooth decay is the usual suspect behind throbbing tooth pain. It occurs when bacteria sneak into the hard outer tooth layer by eating their way through. Treatment involves repairing the weakened area by teeth cleaning, cavity patching, and antibiotics to clear up the infection. Tooth fracture is another major cause of throbbing tooth pain.

This dental issue usually occurs after biting on something hard or getting hit in the jaw. The fracture allows germs into the tooth and trigger pain through nerve infection. A dentist can repair a fractured tooth with dental glue or filling. They may also recommend a root canal, depending on the severity. Other causes include infected gums, damaged filling, tooth abscess, or dental appliances.

At Reich Dental Center, Dr. Robin Reich, DDS or Dr. Kristin Cooney, DMD can diagnose the cause of your throbbing tooth pain and treat it in a comfortable and painless way. To schedule an appointment with us, call us at 770-435-5450 today.

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