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Signs Sugars and Acids are Damaging Your Enamel

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Office
Signs Sugars and Acids are Damaging Your EnamelThe main reason the enamel on teeth erodes or becomes damaged is due to sugars and acids. Not only does your oral hygiene play a role in protecting your teeth, so does your nutrition. So, how can you tell your teeth have been damaged? The following information offers some insights.

When Tooth Enamel Becomes Damaged – Some of the Main Signs

When the enamel erodes or becomes damaged, you will notice some obvious signs. For example, you will experience tooth sensitivity to certain foods, such as sweets, or feel a sharp pain when eating hot or cold foods. A twinge of pain may be noted when the enamel is slightly damaged. As the enamel wears down, more of the second layer, or dentin, is exposed, which causes the teeth to look yellowish. Also, the teeth' edges may become rougher, jagged, or irregular due to damage. In some cases, you may notice indentations on the surface of the teeth, called cupping. If the enamel becomes damaged, it is easier for decay to enter the tooth's central part and do further damage.

What Does Enamel Do and What Specifically Causes Enamel Damage?

The thin outer layer covering the teeth, or the enamel, protects the teeth from daily activities, such as crunching, biting, chewing, or grinding. While the enamel is the hardest substance in the body, it still can, over time, crack or chip. The outer tooth covering also insulates teeth from temperature extremes. Unlike a fractured bone that heals over time, the enamel on a tooth cannot repair itself. Dental enamel does not contain living cells. Therefore, once the tooth is damaged, we can only repair it or place a restoration. Erosion and damage can result, specifically, from drinking soft drinks with high levels of citric acid or phosphoric acid (both sugar-free and those containing sugar), consuming fruit drinks (whose acids can be more erosive than battery acid), and from eating a diet high in starches and sugar.

Do you have tooth sensitivity? If so, contact us today for an appointment. We can repair any damage that has led to tooth erosion.

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