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Can You Remove Tartar At Home?

Posted on 1/11/2021 by Office
Can You Remove Tartar At Home?Most of us wish that they would never have to go to the dentist and good oral care should be enough for a healthy white smile. Sadly, for common dental issues like plaque and tartar accumulation, oral care at home is just one factor for healthy teeth.

At Reich Dental Center, Dr. Robin Reich, DDS and Dr. Kristin Cooney, DMD can help you understand what tartar is and how we can prevent it from building up.

Can You Remove Plaque and Tartar At Home?

Plaque is a sticky yellow substance comprised of sugars and bacteria. When this substance is not removed completely, it can harden into tartar and calculus. This can negatively affect your oral health and lead to conditions like gum disease.

Hardened tartar or calculus feels like a rough substance in the mouth. When tartar accumulated along the gum line, it can cause swollen gums that bleed. If not removed sufficiently, tartar turns dark yellow above the gum line and brown below the gum line.

You may be tempted to remove the yellow tartar at home by yourself with home remedies like vinegar, strawberries, and sesame seed. However, none of these remedies are effective in removing tartar completely.

How to Prevent Buildup of Tartar

Rather than letting tartar build up so that you may need to remove it professionally, it is important that you keep it from accumulating in the first place. Tartar removal is done by the following steps:

•  Brush your teeth two times a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
•  Floss your teeth at least once a day to get rid of debris in places that cannot be accessed by a toothbrush.
•  Rinse your mouth with a fluoride mouth rinse after every meal.

Even though your home oral care hygiene may be excellent, you will still need to visit us for your routine dental checkup. At these appointments, we will give your teeth a professional cleaning that will remove any plaque that your home oral care routine missed.

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