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Does Bad Breath Show Up More During Colder Weather?

Posted on 1/25/2021 by Office
Does Bad Breath Show Up More During Colder Weather?Do you notice that your breath smells worse in the winter? You are not alone. Many people who do not normally have problems with bad breath start to experience this phenomenon once the weather gets colder. Luckily, there is a very simple explanation behind bad breath showing up more during the winter.

Cold Air Dries Out Your Mouth

Cold winter air is usually quite dry. Plus, you are most likely spending more time indoors during the winter, where you are constantly breathing in dry air from radiators and other heating systems. Just like this dry air dries out your skin and leaves you reaching for hand lotion all day, winter air also dries out the mucous membranes in your mouth. Not only is having a dry mouth uncomfortable, but it means that you are not producing enough saliva to keep your mouth clean and moist. Without sufficient saliva, bacteria builds up in your mouth, causing bad breath.

Cold weather also means cold and flu season, which could leave you congested and breathing through your mouth instead of your nose. Mouth breathing quickly dries out your mouth, so if you get sick, make sure to take a decongestant to avoid mouth breathing as much as possible.

How to Prevent Dry Mouth

It is important to prevent dry mouth all year round, as having a dry mouth not only contributes to bad breath, but to tooth decay and gum disease as well. Make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day, and consider drinking even more water during the wintertime to stay hydrated while breathing in all that dry air. You might want to use a humidifier at home as well, to counteract the dry air from your heaters.

You should also avoid smoking, drinking excess alcohol, and using mouthwash that contains alcohol, as all of these habits have a tendency to dry out your mouth. Some medications can make your mouth dry as well, so talk to your doctor if you believe that a medication you take is drying out your mouth and contributing to your bad breath.

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