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The Importance of Teaching Children Not to Bite Their Nails

Posted on 4/6/2020 by Office
The Importance of Teaching Children Not to Bite Their NailsAs a parent, you are responsible for helping your child to learn the basic life skills that he or she will need to make his or her way in the world. In addition, you are responsible to help him or her establish healthy habits that will last into the teen years and adulthood. One of these habits you should be sure to teach your child is the importance of not biting his or her nails.

The Truth About Nail Biting

For one thing, the fingernails tend to harbor all kinds of nasty bacteria and germs underneath them. When your child bites his or her nails, his or her mouth will be flooded with these bacteria. While the immune system is usually strong enough to overcome this, in a child who is already battling other illnesses or has some other issue that results in a weakened immune system, this can be enough to cause a serious illness.

Wear and Tear on the Teeth

Another reason that your child should not bite his or her nails is the risk of damaging the teeth. The teeth are, of course, significantly stronger and harder than fingernails. As such, the risk of damaging the teeth from contacting the nails is very low.

However, when the teeth punch through a fingernail and suddenly slam into each other, they can be seriously damaged as a result. For this reason, biting one's fingernails can directly contribute to chipped and damaged teeth.

We frequently encourage our patients to help their children develop healthy alternatives to biting their nails. Sit down with them and explain why they should avoid this habit, and present them with alternatives. Be sure they always have access to clippers or a file for trimming down those long nails. Doing this will help keep their mouths healthy, and their teeth strong.

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