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Narrowing Down the Best Toothbrush for Your Needs
Posted on 4/20/2020 by Office
Narrowing Down the Best Toothbrush for Your NeedsHave you shopped for a new toothbrush lately? It can be surprisingly overwhelming! It is nice to have so many options, but also difficult to know which toothbrush is best for your specific mouth and teeth. You want a clean mouth, and also healthy teeth and gums.

What are Your Toothbrush Choices?

The most common toothbrush is a manually held, disposable toothbrush. You probably have one or two in your bathroom. These toothbrushes offer three different types of bristles… soft, medium, and hard, which refers to the stiffness of the bristles. Some people prefer an electric toothbrush, which sort of does the work of brushing for you.

For manually held toothbrushes, soft bristles will most likely be the safest choice, so as your brush, your gums and enamel are safer. Dentists seldom recommend hard bristles, as they can risk damage to your gums and enamel. After an exam, we can suggest which type best suits your needs.

The electric toothbrush comes with a charging station and is removed from the charger when ready to use. Once powered on, this toothbrush sort of does the brushing “work” for you, with rotating bristles that brush your teeth and gums as you move it around your mouth.

Which Toothbrush Should You Choose?

The first obvious consideration is, what size toothbrush will fit comfortably in your mouth? If the head of a toothbrush is too large, you will not be able to comfortably maneuver it around your teeth. Next, decide if you want the maintenance, and efficiency of an electric toothbrush, or the simplicity of a disposable one.

At your next exam, we can recommend the best toothbrush option for your needs. It is important to remember that brushing is vital to your dental health, and your toothbrush plays an important role in that.

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