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What to Do if Your Kids Show Signs of Weak Enamel

Posted on 6/8/2020 by Office
What to Do if Your Kids Show Signs of Weak EnamelAlso known as mottled enamel, weak enamel is a dental condition that's caused by several factors, including unsupervised consumption of toothpaste, mother's diet or meal during pregnancy, and excessive fluoride in water. It also can be a developmental condition.

While several factors cause it, weak enamel can lead to loss of permanent teeth and baby teeth, alternatively, the teeth may end being weak or improperly formed. Apart from mottled enamel, children can also be affected by another condition known as enamel hypoplasia, which is a disorder whereby the teeth develops with an enamel that's deficient and thin.

According to research done by the American Academy of pediatric dentistry, there are specific individual cells known as ameloblasts, which are the ones responsible for developing the enamel. When these cells fail to improve or get damaged, then the enamel will not grow as expected, thereby resulting in weaker teeth.

Apart from mottled enamel, enamel hypoplasia is also another condition which can affect tooth development in your child. The resulting enamel will be not only weak but also deficient. Many at times, enamel hypoplasia will appear as a hole or a pit on your child's tooth.

Treating Weak Enamel

Without the enamel, the teeth will be susceptible to trauma and tooth decay. The bad news is that the enamel cannot be replaced while the good news is that teeth can be strengthened and repaired for extra strength.

After a careful dental examination of your child, we will recommend any of these approaches to treat weak enamel or teeth. They can include sealants, bonding, or crowns. It all depends on the severity of the condition. Thus, you should always try and bring your child for regular dental checkups.

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