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Are Dark Gums Something to Worry Yourself Over?

Posted on 6/22/2020 by Office
Are Dark Gums Something to Worry Yourself Over?You may associate oral health with only your teeth, but at Reich Dental Center, we know that oral health is much more than that.

When examining your oral health, we account for your gums as well. Our gums help support our teeth. Without healthy gums, our teeth are in danger of decay. Our gums also help protect our teeth from being overly sensitive.

That is why we offer deep cleanings and other procedures to maintain healthy gums for those patients dealing with gingivitis. When gum disease advances, we offer both surgical and non-surgical options to address your periodontal health.

Because gum health is so important, you need to be aware of some signs of their health declining. One of those signs is dark gums. Some people are born with darker gums, and they don't indicate any problems with their oral health. However, dark gums could be something to worry about if you notice that they've grown darker over time.

What Do Dark Gums Mean for My Oral Health?

There are many reasons your gums may be dark. If you were born with naturally dark gums, there's no need to worry. People born with dark gums just have more melanin in their gums causing them to appear darker.

If you notice your gum becoming darker over time, it could be a sign of several different things. Smokers will notice that their gums become darker over time due to a symptom called melanosis. Melanosis is not harmful by itself, but smoking is terrible for your dental health and poses other problems, so it's necessary to quit as soon as possible. Another reason you may experience darkening gums is medication. Some medications have the ability to shift the color of your gums—especially antibiotics used to treat acne.

Other, more serious, reasons for gum darkening are severe gingivitis and Addison's disease. Other symptoms accompany gingivitis and Addison's disease. These symptoms may include gum bleeding and weight loss. If you are experiencing other symptoms related to these issues, it's important that you contact our office immediately. Both pose problems to your oral and physical health.

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