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How Red-Light Therapy Works to Reduce Pain After Oral Surgery

Posted on 2/15/2024 by Weo Admin
male patient in dental chair giving the hand sign for okay - healing from oral surgeryOne non-invasive option for pain relief and faster recovery following oral surgery is red light treatment, which goes by a few names: photo biomodulation, low-level laser therapy (LLLT), and others. The key to its efficacy is boosting cellular processes without harming the tissue.

Light Transmission

Red light treatment stimulates tissue healing by penetrating the skin with low-wavelength red light. In contrast to light with longer wavelengths, red light is safe for the skin.

Mobilizing Cells

Specifically, the energy-producing mitochondria of a cell absorb red light on a cellular level. The mitochondria are stimulated, increasing the energy production (ATP) of the cell by this absorption.

Decreased Redness and Aching

Proponents of red-light treatment state that it activates the anti-inflammatory mechanisms of the immune system. It reduces inflammation, which in turn helps with post-operative pain and edema from oral surgeries.

Enhanced Blood Flow

Vasodilation, or the widening of blood vessels, may occur in the treated area due to the therapy. Since more significant quantities of nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the injured tissues and waste is removed more quickly, the healing process can be accelerated by increasing the blood flow.

Manufacturing Collagen

The healing and restoration of tissues rely on collagen, and research has demonstrated that red light therapy can increase collagen formation. Occlusion and healing of oral surgical sites can be accelerated with more collagen.

Useful for Oral Surgery

After oral surgery, red light treatment can be used to treat a variety of surgical sites, including extraction sites, incisions, and more. It is usually applied at specific intervals and according to the instructions given by a healthcare provider.

Supplemental to Conventional Methods

Although red light therapy has the potential to be helpful, it is more commonly administered in conjunction with more conventional post-operative care, such as medication, rest, and good dental hygiene, rather than administered independently.

As an auxiliary treatment, red light therapy shows promise in alleviating post-oral surgery discomfort and speeding up the healing process. It is a valuable tool for post-operative treatment because it promotes cellular healing, decreases inflammation, and improves circulation. It is crucial to utilize it in conjunction with a thorough treatment plan and under the supervision of a qualified dental practitioner.

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