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Managing Pain And Discomfort During A Dental Emergency

Posted on 2/20/2023 by Office
Managing Pain And Discomfort During A Dental EmergencyWhen it comes to managing dental pain, an emergency dentist can offer great help to reduce discomfort. Dental emergencies often come with pain - for instance, fractured, broken, or knocked-out teeth. Things like tooth abscesses also bring a lot of pain. The most immediate thing you want when you call a dentist is to have the pain managed. There are, however, things you can do to minimize the pain as you seek to see the dentist.

How to Relieve Pain Immediately

If you lose a tooth, chip a tooth, or dislodge a filling, you might have incredible pain. Although you can call an emergency dentist, the pain could be too much to even allow you to pick up your phone. Luckily, you can manage the pain in the meantime by doing the following:

Take OTC Pain Relievers

Although over-the-counter medication might not entirely stop the pain, it offers significant relief. It helps lessen the swelling and brings some comfort. However, you have to get to the dentist immediately.

Use Warm Salt Water

You can swish the mouth using warm salt water since it helps minimize swelling. It also helps eradicate mouth bacteria. The salt may cause a little sting, but harmful bacterial will not be able to infect your open wounds.

Apply an Ice Pack

You can apply an ice pack or cold compress on the area around the injured site. It helps bring pain relief while also reducing swelling. However, note that the ice itself cannot be placed directly on the area since it can damage the skin or cause frost burns. Get the ice in a cloth then gently hold it against the painful part. Let it remain there for about 10 minutes and take it out for some minutes. Place it again, and continue doing so until you get some relief.

See our dentist immediately to get evaluated if your teeth hurt after an injury. Receiving treatment can help stop further pain and get proper treatment.

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