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Malnutrition Can Have Lasting Negative Effects on Your Oral Health

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Office
Malnutrition Can Have Lasting Negative Effects on Your Oral HealthIf you do not get enough of the right nutrients, you can impact your oral health and overall well-being. It's not enough to brush and floss; you also need to eat properly to enjoy better oral health.

Why a Lack of Nutrients Can Lead to Oral Health Problems

Both research and emergency room visits by older adults suggest a strong link between malnutrition and oral health problems in the U.S. Therefore, you cannot take a lack of nutrients lightly, especially if you are an older dental patient. It has been shown that malnutrition is a growing and expanding problem in the U.S., especially, as noted, among older people. This development leads to increased healthcare costs by billions of dollars. Given that one out two older people are at risk for malnutrition, more attention needs to be paid to a person's daily diet. To do this, we need to define malnutrition.

What Is Malnutrition?

If you do not get enough nutrients from the foods you eat for proper bodily composition and functioning, you will suffer from malnutrition. Some of the reasons for malnutrition may be non-medical, such as social barriers - lack of transportation or poverty. Chronic health conditions or some medications may also lead to nutritional difficulties. Adults who have problems with swallowing may also not get enough of the nutrients they need. If a person's health diminishes because of poor nutrition, he or she can also experience poor oral health, including tooth decay, periodontal disease, and oral lesions.

Taking Care of the Problem

When you visit us, we will examine your teeth and gums and may suggest dietary changes, if needed. Only by learning how to eat well can you overcome problems that lead to poor dental health. You need to follow a good oral health care routine; you also need to plan a dental-friendly menu. Include foods that contain calcium, potassium, vitamins D, B, C, and A. In some instances, you may need to consult with a dietician to improve your daily menu plan.

Would you like to improve your dental health? If so, we can help. Give us a call today to arrange an appointment for an exam.

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