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Little Things

Here are just a few, well, 13, of the little things we do at Reich Dental to make your dental care more effective. And more enjoyable!



Little Thing #1  We run on time.

“If you schedule correctly you shouldn’t have people waiting more than a couple minutes. This is what we expect. It’s the exception when that doesn’t happen.”

– Jennifer, Office Manager



Little Thing #2  We use the latest technology – where it makes a real difference.

“Patients love our new digital x-rays.  They’re so much more comfortable. There’s less radiation. And they allow us to find cavities when they’re smaller, which in turn may save a patient a crown over their lifetime.”

– Jenny, Dental Hygienist



Little Thing #3 – A great relationship with top-notch specialists

“No one can be great at everything. We refer you to a specialist for procedures that lie out of our area of expertise. And because we have such strong relationships, referrals are seen very quickly and you’re very well taken care of.”

Dr. Cooney



Little Thing #4 – We really, really love what we do.

“Most of us have been here so long, we really feel that a lot of our patients are family.  We enjoy hearing about new family members, weddings, vacations. And we try really hard to keep up.”

– Carrie, Office Administration



Little Thing #5  We tell it like it is.

“I tell people exactly what I would do myself. Then I give them all the options so they can decide. I believe if it’s not a treatment I would do on myself, I won’t offer it.”

– Dr. Reich



Little Thing #6 – We help you make educated decisions.

“Usually there are options. So we provide you with all the information you need to make the decision that’s best for you. You’re actually participating in the whole treatment process by helping us help you.”

– Shimeco , Dental Assistant



Little Thing #7 – A smart plan for your smile.

“You have to prioritize. For me there is a 3-pronged approach: Take care of your gums, take care of your teeth. These you need. The cosmetic is what you want – but most of the time it should be the last part you do.

– Julie, Dental Assistant



Little Thing #8 – All of our dentistry is cosmetic.

We don’t advertise that we’re a “Cosmetic Practice” because health is just as important as cosmetics to us. We perform many “cosmetic” procedures, but only “tried and true” ones we know will provide healthy, predictable results.

– Dr. Cooney



Little Thing #9 – It’s easy to make an appointment.

“Our doctors are so flexible, and we use our time so well. That’s why we’re never “booked out”. And while we don’t generally take walk-ins, we can usually work in a patient who, for instance, just broke a crown.”

Kayla, Office Administration



Little Thing #10  We’re prepared for you.

“We like to make sure there are no surprises. We walk you through the process ahead of time and make sure you know what you can expect.”

– Jennifer, Office Manager



Little Thing #11 We’re kinda like family.

Through the years, we have developed great relationships with each other and with our patients. When I’m off for a couple of days, I really miss the patients

– Julie, Dental Assistant



Little Thing #12  We make you very comfortable.

“From personal experience, I’m aware of a patient’s concerns toward dental treatment. With each patient I try to make the appointment as comfortable as possible, keeping in mind there is a person attached to the other end of the tooth.”

Cynthia, Dental Hygienist



Little Thing #13  You’re not just a number.

“It’s my goal to provide quality care that is specific to each patient’s individual needs and concerns.  As a long-time patient myself, I understand a patient’s desire to get personalized care.”

Rebecca, Registered Dental Hygienist

Patient Appreciation - Our Referral Program

We truly love & appreciate our patient family. As a thank you, if you send us a referral - both you & the new referred patient will get a $25 account credit that can be used towards our services.

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